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Phantom of the Opera tells a story that is based on the book Gaston Leroux. The story takes place in Grand Paris Opera house where a “phantom” haunts the opera house. The Phantom is actually a man who hides himself from the rest of the world because of his hideous appearance. The Phantom is actually a romantic man who falls in love with Christine, a beautiful young opera singer with talent. The Phantom gives Christine operas which he himself composes. However, after a handsome suitor of Christine enters the scene, the Phantom becomes furious and he begins terrorizing the opera house.

Phantom of the Opera is one of the longest running shows in Broadway and it has always been a hit with the audience watching it. Viewers should expect top see top notch Broadway acting as well as top notch singing performances. The viewers will be treated with incredible songs that will leave them humming and singing the songs that was played in the show long after the curtains have closed. Phantom of the Opera will give the audience the suspense and excitement of a thriller and be swayed by the romance between the Phantom and Christine.

The Phantom of the Opera is sure to captivate any audience with its sights, sounds, and story, although children who are still very young may find the story boring. Anyone who wants to see the show will not have to think twice about buying tickets. The Phantom of the Opera is one of greatest hits on Broadway for many years now and it is a wonder if any Broadway show lover has never seen it. For those who have never seen a Broadway show, seeing Phantom of the Opera will definitely entertain you. Do not fail to watch Phantom of the opera with your family and friends this season.

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  1. Nicolette says
    February 4, 2012, 10:10 pm

    I really loved this show. It showed lots of soul. i really do feel this deserves 5 stars!!! great job

    • Maribel says
      April 21, 2012, 11:33 pm

      The Majestic theatre was built alrely well. It’s pretty hard to have bad seats unless you’re way off to one side. Being center, you have a wonderful left/right view. S isn’t bad, it’s not the closest, but it isn’t a massive theatre, so you’ll be able to fully see whats going on without (as an added bonus) ruining any stage magic effects as you might being too close. And on the aisle is a huge plus.Your seats are fine! Enjoy!


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