The story of Lion King is based on Disney’s smash hit animation movie. It tells the story of how a young lion heir, Simba, is forced out of his kingdom after an accident happened to his father which causes its death. Simba the takes a journey outside his fathers kingdom where he experiences new things and meet new friends. As Simba grows into adult hood, he finds himself returning to his father’s kingdom to reclaim what is rightfully his from his evil uncle, who is really the one responsible for his father’s death.

The story of Lion King is about animals, so expect to see a lot of them in the show. Right from the start, the audiences will be treated with marching elephants and other animal puppets and actors dressed in animal costumes. The stage is very lively and colorful. It showcases the variety of what is to be seen in the wilds. The actors are also painted in various colors to make them look like animals. Expect to see animal like movements from the actors who are on the stage. Be amazed of their movements. One example of how incredible and professional these actors are is when the audiences see the actor playing as the giraffe. The actors can move around the stage with stilts on both his hands and legs.

Lion King will be a treat for the whole family and not only for kids. It will bring out the kid in you. No matter how old you are, Lion King will be sure to give you your money’s worth. This show is not only for kids! If you love the movie Lion King, then this show will amaze and delight you from start to end. Watch Lion King on Broadway today for a different adaptation of the movie which you will definitely enjoy with your whole family!

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