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The Book of Mormon is one of those Broadway shows that will either make you laugh out loud or have you swearing and angry. This Broadway show is mostly about some funny things about religion and how people perceive and believe it. The Book of Mormon can be blasphemous at times which makes it very funny and entertaining. It will not however convert you to a non believer of Christ and the Church. No it will not. The message of the whole show is: It is not important in whatever you believe in and it does not dictate your capacity to do good in the world. Think of how many people in the world are not Christians, they are capable of doing good and is doing good to others, no matter what faith you believe in, the important thing is, you can show and do goodness to others and make their lives better.

The Book of Mormons is one of the most entertaining shows in Broadway that will make you laugh even after the show ends. It is a 2+ hours of fun and entertainment. Although, this show is not for everyone as some people will get annoyed with all the swear words and jokes that are made here and there. If you could get past all the profanity and others and see deeper with what the Book of Mormon has to offer, you will have a great laugh and be very entertained. This is what show business is all about in the first place, entertaining people. This show should not be taken seriously. It is a fun show which is meant to entertain people. So, if you want to have good laugh and only have time to see one Broadway show this season, The Book of Mormon is warmly recommended.

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