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Jersey Boys

jerseyTake a trip down memory lane by watching Jersey Boys. This show is not only intended for those people who grew up listening to the Jersey Boys songs in the radio. This show has something for everyone. Even teens will enjoy watching this show. There are some vulgar words that are used from time to time so taking children to watch this show is not very advisable. The use of vulgar words only enhances the feel of the era that the story takes place in and makes it more believable.

No matter how old you are, you’re sure to recognize some, if not all, of the songs in Jersey Boys. You’re going to find it hard to not sing along with the actors. The singing is top-notch and the actors in the cast are all great. The props and stage setting could have been more interesting to make the overall experience more enjoyable.

Jersey Boys is otherwise a good show for all ages, except maybe for children. If you want to see a show on Broadway and get entertained with the musicals, then you should consider Jersey Boys on your list. Just don’t mind the stage setup too much and you will have time of your life. You will leave the Jersey Boys show with a big smile and finding yourself whistling to some of the tunes.

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