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Billy Elliot tells the story of a young boy named Billy Elliot who grows up in a small mining town which is located in North of England. The story takes place in the year 1984 when the mining strike happened in Europe. Billy, whose mother has just passed away, discovers that he has a natural talent in ballet dancing. While his father and brother takes part in the mining strike, Billy secretly takes lessons in ballet with the help of an unlikely dancing teacher. Billy becomes good in what he does and continues to get better while everything around him is starting to crumble down.

Audience watching Billy Elliot will be treated to amazing dance routines. As Billy taps his way around the stage, you’ll admire the talent of this young boy who plays Billy as well as all the other actors/dancers on stage. Expect to both laugh and cry as the story of Billy’s world unfolds. The show does a good job making the audience feel for Billy and care for what will happen next. The dance productions alone are enough for anyone to buy an admission ticket to the show.

Although the show is about a kid, young kids should not be brought to the show. There are times when some explicit language is used to portray the hard times which the show is set in, but this should not deter the general audience from viewing the show. With lots of humor and plenty of amazing dance routines, everyone should definitely take time and watch Billy Elliot, as it’s pure Broadway entertainment!

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